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The Workshop

The Three Beaked Duck Storytelling Workshop was born for the stories. Not only for the stories which are already written, printed and treasured, but also for the ones waiting to be told. 
The Three Beaked Duck Storytelling Workshop opened its doors in 2020, as part (/department) of the Petőfi Literary Museum, the staff consists of the educators of the Story Museum.
The aim is to offer youth from the age of 10 until the age of 14 a space and the opportunity to get closer with stories, with youth literature, and moreover to encourage them to be creative and self-expressive.

In order to focus on storytelling, the visitors are assisted by several digital equipment and installations for developing skills, such as:
creating the character
choosing and describing the location
visualising the main turning points: creating animation
aware usage of idioms, expressions and adjectives
recording a dialog in the sound studio

In the reception area visitors can read quotes about reading and writing from contemporary poets and writers, moreover, they can watch an animated short film in which Berg Judit, Lackfi János, Varró Dániel and Zalán Tibor introduce their life as writers, share their thoughts on writing as an artform and their process of creation.

Our mission

In the Workshop, we aim to form the creative writing process and to increase literacy among youth, by bringing closer classical children and youth literature to this age group. This way storytelling and creative writing inspires them to self-expression, understanding oneself and others while developing their aesthetic sense and the usage of narrative structures.  

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Our team


Helmich Katalin Professional coordinator

Csörsz Katalin Museum educator, Hungarian and Drama teacher

Hantos Násfa Museum educator, Drama teacher (at the moment on maternity leave)

Hollósy Réka Museum educator, Drama teacher